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Social Capital Credits (SoCCs) program

Every customer on dharavimarket.com has a chance to contribute to the quality of life of the craftsmen that have created the product. To achieve this, dharavimarket.com is partnering with URBZ and Asia Initiatives in their Social Capital Credits (SoCCs) program. The SoCCs program has already been successfully piloted in Dharavi, resulting in improved sanitation in six lanes. SoCCs is also being tested in pilot sites in India, Ghana and Costa Rica with great success. 

Social Capital Credits (SoCCs) is a virtual system of exchange for social good that combines the best practices of carbon credits, MPesa, and eBay. The SoCCs system entails working with individual communities to customize SoCCs menus to their specific needs and capabilities. Craftsmen that register to sell on dharavimarket.com will automatically be registered into the SoCC program. They will have the opportunity to earn SoCCs for waste management, sending daughters to highschool and university and mentoring younger craftsmen. With the SoCCs earned, they will be able to attend skill-enhancement courses, get additional windows, exhaust fans and fire escapes installed in their live/work environment. Volunteer architects working with URBZ will also advise on these improvements. 

At the checkout, you will have a chance to participate in this innovative and effective program.

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Social Scheme

Dharavi's Messiah Campaign-Create Jobs through Production and Sales


Dharavi Market is a 2.5 year old start up that aims to generate jobs in Dharavi, enhance existing skills of the 1000s of craftsmen living here and expand their product reach to all 5 continents.

To grow further, students from Fashion Design School NIFT, Mumbai have designed several backpacks and duffle bags along with our skilled Dharavi craftsmen. We have created samples for the same. Few designs are attached below. We will now create a brand for Dharavi by Dharavi. We wish to develop the inventory for which we need funds. The money collected will be used to create products which will then be sold online and offline. A part of the total sum collected will be used for our Social Capital Credits Program to develop vocational training courses and improve the health and education conditions of our artisans.

We will create a marketing campaign where we will invite students and everyone interested to be 'DHARAVI'S MESSIAH.' These ambassadors will pitch these products to several small bag stores in their own neighbourhood and get a chance to earn commission on sales if the shopkeeper stocks or buys the products.




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- Vrajesh Shah

For great quality leather products at best prices, I would strongly recommend this website to all. They are amazing!

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Shopping from this website is my way of appreciating and encouraging the hard work of the craftsmen. Keep up the good work guys!

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Their customer support is excellent. They helped me right away. Thanks a ton!

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I'm petty impressed with their delivery services. They are fast and efficient. The products I ordered were delivered on time. Great job guys!

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Excellent quality at affordable prices.

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